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Fire, Rescue, & EMS

Modern software for modern responders.


We help build more resilient fire departments.

A common adage in the fire service is "years of tradition unencumbered by change". Introducing new training, let alone new technology is incredibly difficult. This is where we help.

We not only help fire chiefs and training officers assess the capabilities of their entire department, but we identify areas needing improvement on an individual and organizational level.

Our software is simple; it just works. This minimizes the learning curve and allows for faster adoption, shifting the organizational focus to training, rather than documentation.

More focused training means a more resilient workforce, which results in better firefighters and safer communities.


Ensure your rescuers are compliant and capable.

"Because technical rescue is inherently dangerous and technical rescuers are frequently required to perform rigorous activities in adverse conditions, regional and national safety standards shall be included in agency policies and procedures." Section 4.1.1, NFPA 1006

The NFPA 1006 defines 14 separate technical rescue disciplines, encompassing a multitude of job performance requirements across both Level I and Level II competencies. Combine these competencies with the recommendation for an annual review of a technical rescuer and you face a compounding amount of review.

Rather than amassing paperwork, trust in FTOCloud to help quantify your technical rescue capabilites and ensure your organization is ready to respond.


Ensure continued competency of your medical personnel.

As EMS continues to grow and become more complex, it becomes more important to ensure competency of your providers, both new and experienced.

EMS providers are considered lifelong learners and must demonstrate their continued competence to not only their organization, but medical direction and regional hospitals.

We allow you to garner better, quantifiable feedback for your providers. With FTOCloud, you can correct inadequacies before they manifest themselves in the field.