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Windsor EMS

How a Busy CT EMS Service Uses FTOCloud to Precept Their Paramedics in Real-Time

In Connecticut, paramedicine is a licensed practice. As such, paramedics are required to gain authorization from their sponsor hospital to practice in the field. The majority of this process is accomplished through field assessments.

Windsor EMS Medic 1 Ambulance at their headquarters

Windsor EMS utilizes FTOCloud to help streamline this process. They use our platform to document assessments of the paramedic trainee, then use our built in workflows to automatically send the form to the EMS Coordinator, trainee, and administrative staff.

Hartford Hospital Precepting

Before FTOCloud: Their process originally involved paper forms that were filled out each shift. These forms were then delivered to their EMS coordinator for review. Finally, the forms were sent back with feedback on the paramedic's performance.

Windsor FTOCloud Workflow

With FTOCloud: Paramedic trainees are evaluated in real time. With our web-based platform, evaluations can be filled out in real-time. Our platform allows Windsor to create a customized workflow that involves all precepting stakeholders. Each step of the process contains targeted alerts to ensure no steps are missed.

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