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Introducing: Pipeline

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January 10, 2020

Introducing: Pipeline

Hi everyone,

Nick Parker, founder of FTOCloud here. I have some exciting news to share.

FTOCloud started with the mission of providing a platform to improve field training. We've learned a tremendous amount about what goes into a successful training program. Our platform has seen multiple iterations, and we're incredibly proud of the product we offer today. Along the way, our business has grown and has had the opportunity to meet some amazing, forward-thinking people and organizations. We've had the opportunity to assist organizations with developing their training plans and helped them institute best practices.

Today, I am proud to announce a fundamental change to our business, both in name and offerings. Beginning today, we will now be operating as Pipeline Training Solutions (Pipeline for short).

Foremost, to our current clients: your continued use of our training platform remains exactly the same. While you will see some new logos and names, the overall access and use of the platform remains unchanged. You can, however, expect some great new features as we roll into 2020 (detailed below).

What's in a name?

We were never expecting to win an award for the name FTOCloud. It's a functional name, but uninspired. At the time, our platform delivered FTO software via the cloud. As we grew and took inventory of the role our software (and ultimately our company) played in an organization's training, we realized that we surpassed just field training. Our platform has reached a point that it is now a holistic training management solution.

A pipeline is defined as "a channel of information, especially one that is direct, privileged, or confidential; inside source; reliable contact." In public safety (or any regulated industry), we encounter a standard set of guidelines that help form our training. From there, we add in “tribal knowledge” and supplemental information specific to our organization. Our platform exists as a vehicle to deliver and track this knowledge to organizations in a way that aligns with their specific training goals. Thus, we have updated our name in a way that reflects our role.

Training Management Software

As stated above, you will still be able to access our software just as you were before. You will see new logos/branding throughout the software. Our domain name is changing from ftocloud.com to trainwithpipeline.com, but ftocloud.com will continue to work without having to change anything on your end. We plan on sunsetting the ftocloud.com domain and FTOCloud branding entirely in late Spring 2020, but we will release a schedule and automate the transition.

You can expect to see new features in that reflect our mission of improving organization-wide training. A few major updates slated for early 2020 include hour tracking, event/calendar management, and a feedback module. We have already completely rebuilt our backend infrastructure from the ground up to help improve speed, reliability, and set up the framework for more growth in 2020. In addition, you will see continuous user interface updates that will make the software interaction easier. 

The Future

It’s a very exciting, busy time for us. There are a lot of moving parts, but we are steadfast in our commitment to help organizations deliver the best training possible. We’re bringing on some experts to help spread our name and mission, as well as keep our current customer base updated with our new endeavors.

You can reach out to me at support@trainwithpipeline.com with any questions/comments/concerns.