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Deliver, manage, and track your training

Manage your organization's training from a web-based platform so you can spend more time training and less time documenting.

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Training should be focused on learning, not on documenting.

reduction in paperwork

The old way of doing things
The Old Way

Tracking your training on paper and delivering using multiple sources

Your training program is delivered via paper, PDF, spreadsheets, and a mix of training sources (shared drives, e-mail, etc.).

No central training records
Little or no reporting capability
Pencil-whipping records to get them done

The new way of doing things
Our Way (the right way)

A single source for tracking, delivering, managing, and reporting training

Bring your own training and shift the focus from arbitrary documentation to meaningful communications and reporting.

Customizable to meet any training needs
Accessible from any modern device
Rich reporting and communication features

Windsor EMS Medic 1 Ambulance at their headquarters
Case Study: EMS

Windsor EMS & FTOCloud

Windsor EMS has adopted FTOCloud to help precept their paramedics in real-time. We've allowed them to bring their own custom workflow and documentation to help train their paramedics.

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Here's how we improve training programs:


Step 1

Provide us with your documentation and training objectives.

Getting started is simple. We review your current training program, any documentation you have, and chat about your objectives. We take this information and use this to build out your account.

Don't have anything formal, or not sure where to start? Not a problem. Give us a general idea and we're happy to supply some ideas.


Step 2

Invite your users and organize them into groups.

Once your documentation and training plans are built, add your users and (optionally) sort them into various groups. Users can then be assigned roles and added into training plans to start documenting immediately.

Our pricing gives you the flexibility to start small and experiment, or add the whole department and roll out all at once.


Step 3

Log training and completions from any internet-connected device.

With our cloud-first design, your entire organization can participate in training from any device that is connected to the internet. Log training in the field, at the station, or from home with ease.

The web-based experience works on all devices, with no loss of functionality or sizing issues. Plus, there's no app to download or manage.


Step 4

Engage in training and facilitate communication.

You will get notifications right to your e-mail based on the rules you define in your training plan. With ever-changing shift schedules, our platform helps you engage in asynchronous communication.

Each user will get targeted notifications as action is required from them, reducing your workload and follow-up.


Step 5

Improve your training with powerful reports.

Reflecting on the effectiveness of training and making future training decisions are aided by our reporting features. Generate reports on individual users or reflect on the status of your entire organization.

Reporting helps with continuous quality improvement. There's no number crunching required, either. Just log in, open a report, and gain insight in seconds.

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